THE MEISTERSTUECK EXPERIENCE: What our UK customers say...

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Lyme Regis



The obvious choice

"We first made contact with Helmut and Lesley some years ago while exploring the idea of building a new house. Having made the decision to build and found an architect, we saw Meisterstueck to be the obvious choice as we were impressed by the quality and method of their construction. Helmut and Lesley made everything run smoothly during the whole process. Visiting the factory in Hamelin was a great experience, and it was lovely to meet Markus and his team for the sign-off meeting.

The build was very impressive to watch. The structure of the house was up in just 3 days, then rendered and watertight within two weeks. The German build team were really friendly and worked extremely hard to put the house together to a very high standard. Due to access restrictions, the house had to be reloaded onto smaller lorries at a local farm shop, and their staff very much enjoyed having the German team around. We’re currently fitting the house out and looking forward to moving into our new home. A big thank you to everyone at Meisterstueck."
Rene, Lyme Regis

"I can’t believe it but it’s 10 years this year since we made the house! We are still very happy with how it performs."
Brigitte, Abingdon (first Meisterstueck-HAUS customer in UK - 2010)

"Dear Lesley,...yet again, I am so pleased we worked with Meisterstueck, you never fail to deliver."
Ailis, Surrey

Impressed and happy

"We built a German house 16 years ago and decided to downsize. We wanted to build another house as we had so enjoyed the advantages of living in a light, trouble-free house. Having looked at various “pre-fab” houses, mainly German, we decided on Meisterstueck. We wanted our new house to be designed to our own specification and not be restricted. We also wanted to be able to fit it out using materials available in the UK.

Meisterstueck appeared to fit the bill. We met the British Agents and were impressed by their hands-on knowledge, and this was reinforced when we visited the factory in Germany where we were shown around by the owner. Both in Germany and in the UK, Meisterstueck is very much a family business and provides a very personal service.

The house has now been erected in less than a month, and we have been impressed by the high standard of workmanship, the quality of the materials and the help from everyone involved in the process. Meisterstueck offers a very high quality product at a reasonable price, and we are very happy with our decision."
Jane, Hungerford

"On March 11,2019 our beautifully designed Eco MEISTERSTUECK-HAUS arrived here in Weybridge. Within 2 weeks the hardworking German team had assembled, water tightened, painted and finished the shell battling against severe high winds, tight bridges and Brexit woes... We could not be happier with the whole project from planning to delivery to aftercare. We are currently fitting out our home and count the weeks until we finally move into our dream HAUS!"
Andrea, Weybridge/Surrey

"Val and I are compelled to write and sing the praises of everyone involved in delivering our dream home. From our initial enquiry to the final finish, the process has been one of the most enjoyable construction experiences of our lives. We particularly want to mention Lesley and Helmut Gross. From the very start, their help support and guidance has been invaluable, they are a credit to your company and we are proud now to call them our friends. We want to thank everyone over In Hamlin for their contribution, including those on the factory floor for their care and attention to quality and detail. Please convey our thanks to them. Of course we cannot forget the on site build team who have been nothing short of brilliant! Their attention to detail, quality and their sheer hard work and commitment in delivering a truly beautiful house in at times challenging weather conditions has been fantastic. Our decision to contract Meisterstueck HAUS has been one of the best decisions of our lives and you must feel justifiably proud of all your staff, you are an exceptional company."
Vic & Val, Derbyshire

"We have now been in our house for 5 years and love our home and how it works. We feel we have achieved everything we set out to do. There is nothing we would change with hindsight."
Sally & John, Cambridge

"We just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and your team. The guys onsite have been the perfect employees. The house has gone up so well and looks great, we are really pleased with it and can’t wait to get it finished now."
Paul, Portsmouth

“I think you now know how pleased everyone is with the quality of the Meisterstueck house, and indeed the whole process”.
Daniel Stroud, Cover Storey Architects

"Congratulations on the award.
Well deserved - it is a fantastic product."
Dan, Jhai Ltd


"This is such a great news for you and your team.
You have worked hard for this."
Ali, Energy Ratings Services Ltd

Meisterstueck-HAUS UK took a lot of the stress out of the process

"I must thank Helmut and Lesley of Meisterstueck-HAUS UK for their patience, guidance and skill in helping us build our new home. 

We wished to build a custom designed modern eco friendly home delivered to a fixed price. A number of on site meetings and factory visit to Hamlin convinced us of the quality, flexibility and ability of Meisterstueck-HAUS. 

Above all else was the enthusiasm of the German team. Meisterstueck-HAUS recommended their UK architect to plan our dream home. Once we had achieved planning permission the factory team easily guided us through final detailing, build specification and delivery schedule. 

The German assembly team astonished us with their work ethic and skill; our 350 sqm house was assembled in 4 days then clad, rendered and roofed in a further two weeks. The teams attention to detail was stunning as was the final finish of the shell house supplied with all windows, sanitary plumbing and electrical conduits. 

As we were first time self builders Meisterstueck-HAUS UK took a lot of the stress out of the process. I cannot thank them enough… "
Simon, Longton Preston

The big difference

"The journey that led us to building a Meisterstueck home started with the modernisation of the kitchen in our 1903 family home.  As we loved the open plan modification we explored its wider implementation; however, it quickly became apparent that it was uneconomic and full of design compromises.  We were in the fortunate position of having a building plot on our doorstep and decided we could only get what we wanted by building a new ECO style house in our back garden.  This type of construction was alien to us so we educated ourselves by visiting one of the first German kit houses built in the UK featured on Grand Designs.   Seeing it allowed us to get it......  the whole concept of open plan living.   The architecture was stunning and we understood the magic of the garden becoming part of the house.

Committed to building a similar house we talked to a number of suppliers and chose Meisterstueck because of the excellent expertise offered by the team in both the UK and Germany.   The big difference with Meisterstueck is they listened to what we wanted and offered great advice throughout the project. Meisterstueck along with the German Architect captured Sam's design vision of a butterfly post and beam house.  The house shell was completed in a mesmerising 2 weeks by a fantastic German site team and it looks stunning.   We knew the design was amazing and in reality it is even better, absolutely stunning. Each time we go into the house it immediately relaxes us and makes us feel we are on holiday.  

After initially thinking I could possibly fit out the house myself (don't even consider it!!) we engaged the Meisterstueck UK fit out team who are making excellent progress.  We cannot wait to move in....."
Sam & Harry, Northamptonshire

Julie and I love our new home

"We extend our compliments to everyone at Meisterstueck both for the quality of our home, workmanship and the entire purchasing process. Unquestionably, any concerns we had were gone after our first meeting with Helmut. We felt reassured and comfortable that Meisterstueck could deliver on our requirements.

Our aim was to find a contemporary pre-fab construction with Sustainability at the heart of the build, along with value and efficiency. We did consider other construction companies – but we are so pleased we decided to go with Meisterstueck. “You do what it says on the tin” without compromise, no hidden costs or extras. This has been very pleasing, comforting and reassuring.

From the moment that I first inquired about Meisterstueck via your website, all the way through the build and now to ownership the entire Meisterstueck team have been pleasant, efficient and responsive – plus the expertise has been fantastic.

We love that Meisterstueck accommodated our preferences and enhanced detail when possible, your foreman and team on our project was extremely helpful, hard working, some days they were on site for 12 hours, they also provided excellent advice.

We have nothing but praise for Meisterstueck, our home was finished on time and the four small snags that we found had already been flagged by yourselves and dealt with.

Thanks again to all at Meisterstueck-HAUS for building us our dream home we will love and enjoy for years to come. We have told everyone who has asked how pleased we are with your product and services and will continue without hesitation to praise and recommend your company."
Danny & Julie, Herts

The time capsule

"Our house is stunning and the whole process beginning to end has been amazing. We were surprised by just how much the "journey" has played a part, it has been so unbelievably positive and memorable.

It's one thing to be left with a house that exceeds our expectations but something else to feel sad that our dealings with Meisterstueck have come to an end. We visited the factory in Germany with our children and got to meet the 3rd and 4th generation Meisterstueck owners Markus and Otto who are still passionate about their business of building one-off dream homes in the UK.

We even placed a time capsule in the wall of our soon-to-be-lounge, something we as a family will never forget.

Thomas the Technical Director is a genius and not only provided solutions to our many questions and queries but went the extra mile to always reassure us. Once in the UK we found the German construction team the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet and they worked meticulously on every detail. Meik, Nikko, Thomas & Jorg are true professionals as were the rest of the team.

We thank our lucky stars we met Helmut and Lesley at a building show, its incredible that 9 months after our 1st meeting we could walk around the inside of our beautiful house. We are very proud of our 5 bedroom super insulated, triple glazed, ultra modern Meisterstueck house. Thank you 'Meisters' - its been a privilege."
Steve & Nichola, Kent

The Meisterstueck Experience...

"The MSH team, both in the UK and in Hamelin, did an outstanding job for us. We asked them to build a big, complex, original design, on a site accessible only via a narrow unmade road, in late October, without compromising on their very high construction standards. Not only did they deliver everything we wanted, but they did it in a month, exactly on schedule, and exactly on budget. I genuinely can’t imagine why anyone would have a house built by anyone else."
Julian, Ashford,Kent

...about the people on-site...


"Dear Otto & Markus, a note to say that we have had an excellent experience with your team on-site. They, Claus & Michael particularly, have been very considerate and friendly to work with. The quality of the build so far is very satisfying."
Ailis, Surrey

Absolutely delighted

"We are absolutely delighted with the house, and cannot now imagine living anywhere else. This is in no way an exaggeration."
Richard, Coventry

Valued customers

"We have really enjoyed the process of building a house with MSH. The whole team, both in the UK and Hanover have been completely helpful and accommodating throughout, making us feel like valued customers. Our house is wonderful and exactly as our architect planned it. I would do it all again!"
Sally, Cambridgeshire

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"We cannot express enough how happy we are with our new house and for choosing Meisterstueck-HAUS to build it. The UK representatives were amazing to make the whole process flawless and for that we thank you very much. Please tell the assembly team what a fantastic job they've done and what a great team they are, we'll be missing them. It was a pleasure to have them around."
Martin & Sam, Flushing, Cornwall.

"We are lovely and warm in the house in all the snow - despite only having the heating on for a few hours in the daytime. No one can believe how warm it is, when they visit! Especially as we have no curtains and blinds. ...the heating went off at 10am, and 6 hours later the rooms are still at 20 degrees - outside it is -2."
Heather, Berkshire

“Having now lived in our Meisterstueckhaus for more than a year, I can confirm that my respect for the suppliers and erectors is profound. We could not, possibly, contemplate moving to any other type of house or builders. The simplicity and reliability of there being no maintenance requirement and the super-efficient insulation make life very comfortable”.
Harry, Gloucestershire

"The appeal of the Meisterstueck system for us was in its potential. We could see the opportunity to create a lifestyle as opposed to buying a lifestyle, which generally applies with other systems. Meistertueck Haus allowed us to marry the inspirational iconic, transparent architecture of Philip Johnson and Van Der Rohe etc with the latest technical advances of low energy sustainability at a sensible cost and with the help of the UK and German technical team we were able achieve our own design with great success.

An additional benefit of choosing a sustainable low energy house was that it resulted in a smooth, favourable and speedy planning consent in the minimun period of 28 days despite the house being in a conservation area and within a listed walled garden.

Meisterstueck from initial consultation and throughout the contract and construction process were supportive, efficient and professional at all times resulting in the house being built to schedule and with minimum disruption despite there being access problems. This was much appreciated by the owners of neighbouring properties who still marvel at the process and speed of the construction."
Charles, Chorleywood

the meisterstueck experience

"We have now lived over 18 months in our lovely home . It is always comfortable in every room whatever the temperature outside. Our home never has condensation due to our built in heat recovery system , the great insulation and triple glazed windows.

As soon as you open the front door you know you're in a very special home, everything is solid and functional , light bright and airy . The wooden construction offers a great feeling of solidity and warmth.

All our friends and visitors love our home....without exception , it's everything we wanted it to be. Well built , light bright and airy and clearly Eco friendly , we love the contemporary feel of our home and the quality which sets it above any other home in our village."
Erik, Nottinghamshire

"We had our house built by Meisterstueck-HAUS with a challenging design. We can't express enough how glad we are that we went with them as the quality and attention that was given was of the highest we have experienced. Their professionalism made it a pleasurable experience and everything from start to end of the project went smoothly and without the stress that is involved with building a traditional house. We would consider using them again in the event of building another house."
Ehson, Berkshire

"We chose MSH because they are a small family run company and right from the beginning everyone involved, at the factory in Germany and the UK agents have been very friendly and professional, we always felt that we were more than just clients, we felt like we were part of something special. The house was delivered on schedule and the German team had it built in four days which was amazing to watch. Our project is ongoing but we are delighted with our house and are really looking forward to moving in. You just need to step inside the front door and you can feel the quality. The house really is fantastic!"
Fiona and Stephen, North Yorkshire