Your carbon footprint - How much do you care?


As one of the first off-site house manufacturers, Meisterstueck-HAUS commissioned a comprehensive ecological survey on a finished house.

The Meisterstueck HAUS was compared with a house of similar design, size and fittings built in brick; both houses had the same insulation properties. 

The results show conclusively that the choice of building material has a considerable effect on the carbon footprint of a house.

The Meisterstueck-HAUS, built predominately in wood, a renewable natural material, had a 5.5 times lower CO emission value than the brick-built house.

carbon footprint: left bars show Meisterstueck Haus values

It all comes down to choosing the right building material


A constructional biologist certified by the Institute for Construction Biology in Rosenheim has carried out an extensive study of the effects on the environment of a new  build, covering all aspects of the construction process of a single dwelling which would affect the environment, from the amount of energy used in the production process, the building materials used, to the landscaping.

Design & Sustainability

The entire building process was evaluated, from pouring of the foundations to turnkey finish and landscaping. By choosing Meisterstueck HAUS, our client saved over 65,000 kilos of CO2 at the manufacturing stage alone.

This equates to the CO2 emissions of almost 29 years of car use (at average distances of 15,000 km a year).

Bauhaus made by nature

We care. A lot.


“The results of this survey confirm our belief in our ecological, energy-saving building process,” states Otto Baukmeier, the Managing Director of Meisterstueck-HAUS.

“They show that it does indeed matter how and with what materials the government energy-saving requirements are met; indeed, modern off-site manufacture in wood already by far exceeds those requirements. And that is important, because a house built today will last over 100 years. Anyone who takes environmental protection seriously must take the right decision today.”