Butterfly bungalow

Contemporary single storey designs are becoming increasingly popular but not every plot is big enough.

This new Meisterstück -HAUS design has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a light-filled living area on a compact footprint - a modest house size with a functional, well organised internal layout.

The outstanding features of the design are a sheltered patio on three sides and a “butterfly” roof.

Like all our houses this design can be adapted to suit your wishes and the requirements of your plot (e.g. size, number of windows and roof shape). The internal layout works just as well with a plain floor slab as with a full or part basement.

If eco- technology is installed (e.g. air or ground source heat pump, PVs, closed ventilation system with heat recovery and insulation under the floor slab) our outstanding insulation values, which are standard for every Meisterstück house , can deliver a plus energy house (which generates more energy than it uses).


    • kind of housedetached
    • floors:1
    • roof pitch:16°
  • internal living area:
    • ground floor:132.13
    • total:132.13